Dental Cleaning

Dental care is as essential in pet health as it is in human health. Just like you, unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to larger problems such as heart disease. Regular check-ups are an essential role in your pet’s dental health. The teeth and gums are evaluated with every exam. While brushing your pet’s teeth at home will assist in good dental hygiene, as your pet ages, tartar begins to build. Your veterinarian will alert you when a thorough cleaning is necessary.

Since our pets can’t “say awe”, and for the safety of the animal and staff, dental cleanings are performed under a short-lasting anesthesia. A pre-anesthetic exam and blood work will determine the eligibility and custom anesthesia plan for your pet. Every pet’s vital signs are closely monitored using both electronic and hands-on monitoring, and x-rays are taken in order to completely evaluate the condition of the teeth and roots. Dental instruments are then used to thoroughly scale the gum line and extract decaying teeth. The application of a barrier sealant is recommended to decrease future plaque. Before and after pictures of your pets teeth can be emailed to you and you will be notified by telephone when the process is over and your pet is awake. You will be given a pick up time and have a consultation to discuss discharge instructions.